About Ventures In Community (VIC)

Ventures in Community (VIC) helps groups work together to support underserved people in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Our members include:

  • Faith-based organizations
  • Community service groups
  • Local nonprofit organizations 
  • Fairfax County and state agency representatives
  • Individuals

VIC volunteers collaborate to support and improve human services for those in need in southeast Fairfax County. We serve the Lee and Mount Vernon Districts, bounded by the Beltway to the north, and the county border to the south. 

VIC began in the mid-1970s to support people who were homeless, near the Richmond Highway community. Today it still coordinates volunteers to staff a hypothermia shelter in the winter.

Today, VIC members share information and help community organizations take action. Our goal is to keep building a better community by collaborating rather than competing in serving the needs of others. 

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